Affordable Commercial Roofing Restoration

Roofing Restoration

Roof Coatings Can Apply to Practically Any Roof Material to Support Extended Service.

Is the roofing of your commercial building aging badly or beginning to show areas of damage? An alternative to roof replacement, commercial roofing restoration is a method utilized to fix issues that come from old age and basic wear and tear. A roofing restoration can fix areas where the roof system has leaks or holds ponding water. In lieu of paying a large amount of money for a new roof, you can pay much less by choosing restoration. It is critical to remember that restorations are only a good option for roofs that have not undergone comprehensive or catastrophic damage. Because of this, it becomes beneficial to request your restoration sooner, rather than later. For affordable and speedy assistance, call 972-954-5322  and ask the roofing experts at Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction about commercial roofing restoration in Plano, TX.

Why Restore Instead Of Replace?

Roofing Restoration

Our Roof Restorations Can Endow Any Commercial Structure with a Brighter Future.

Because of the high initial cost of a roofing installation, it is sensible to follow up with steady maintenance to ensure your investment stays in good shape. Though maintenance will provide additional years to the life of your roof, it can’t stop the aging process forever. You will eventually need to pick between commercial roofing replacement or restoration at some point in the life of your roof system.

Our affordable roof restoration methods effectively cover the surface of your commercial roof with an incredibly tough and resilient material that extends the lifespan of your roofing by up to 10 years. In fact, after those ten years, you can place a new coating over the initial one, and enjoy another 10 years of reliable roofing. Different roof coatings work better on varying roof materials, so to figure out which will work most efficiently for you, give our crew a call!

Affordable Commercial Roofing Restoration Services

Another great perk to roof coatings is that they are far less expensive than a complete roofing replacement. When you go with a commercial roof restoration, you do not need to worry about costly removal fees or disposal fees for the roof waste. Your existing roof system does not have to be removed if you pick a roof restoration, which means you not only conserve money, but you also keep harmful waste out of the local dumps! To learn more, call our roofers at 972-954-5322 and ask about your options and pricing for commercial roofing restoration in Plano, TX!