Storm Roof Damage Repairs

Storm Roof Damage

When a Major Storm Strikes, You Need the Assurance of Quality Roofing Repairs and Replacement.

Your property and roofing system can be left in disarray after a storm blows in. When you have storm roof damage, you need an expert roofing contractor to get your home restored. Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction provides full repair service for storm roof damage in Plano, TX.

Our expert team of roofers works on your schedule, and maintains continual availability for emergency roof repair. You need your roof system to protect your property, so we offer fast, reliable service. Our use of quality materials and best practices ensures that our service will exceed every expectation. We are your premier experts for the solution of any roofing trouble, and stay available to serve at 972-954-5322.

Storm Roof Damage Experts

Storm Roof Damage

We Provide Service for All Levels of Storm-Related Roofing Damage, Even the Most Serious.

There are many kinds of damages that may be done to your roofing, depending on the type of storm. Punctures can be caused by hard-hitting hail, and torn and missing materials and debris can be strung across your roof from severe winds. Leaks can appear, and in the worst-case scenario, your roofing system can become a lost cause due to serious, comprehensive damages. It is urgent, no matter how intense the damage, that your roof system become repaired before the next storm.

Storm roof damage repairs from our roofers are enacted to ensure your roof system is ready for service. Storm damage is found through our comprehensive inspection services before the repairs start. To work with you and renew your home’s defense, we relay this information promptly, so you can decide on the next step. Our team advises you of roofing options to better your home’s defenses, and will answer any questions you may have. After we repair your roofing system, we ensure it meets your satisfaction before we finish the job.

We currently offer roof storm damage work across the following categories.

  • Emergency Roof Repair Whenever you need our assistance, you can count on our availability. We maintain 24/7 service for any type of roof-related emergency.
  • Roof Leak Repair If you’ve noticed or suspect a leak, call us today for service. We can quickly locate the source of the problem and make rapid roofing repairs.
  • Hail Damage Repair If your roof has suffered from hail damage, you can find no better service than our team. We fix both cosmetic damage and the deeper harm that hail inflicts.
  • Roof Insurance Claims We provide full assistance to our clients in the midst of a roofing insurance claim. From inspections to guidance, we’re the professionals to trust.

Professionals Who Work With Your Insurance

When you need a roofing contractor that will work with your insurance company, call Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction. We will supply a preliminary roof storm damage report for your documentation, and will work with you and the insurance company to implement repairs. Our goal is to assure your satisfaction, and as a part of this, we keep you apprised and up to date every step of the way. Contact us today at 972-954-5322 for the repair of storm roof damage in Plano, TX and the surrounding area!